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black and white portrait of founder Jake Treddenick of  Treddenick

TREDDENICK is a fashion house of rebellious craftsmanship, based in London. Established in 2021 by designer Jake Treddenick, the brand is constructing its own pathway within the industry. Romantic, Defiant, Poetic, Beauty, Strength, Ageless, Rebellious, TREDDENICK is a love letter to contemporary punks. 

The house of TREDDENICK is collaborative, collectively believing in the skill and importance of craftsmanship. We explore traditional sewing, cutting, and tailoring techniques and contrast them in an experimental context to show the importance of the handmade. We believe in working together with the community around us to create an everlasting artistry that transcends our times. 

TREDDENICK is an eternal rebel. Each collection is meticulously researched and is created from contrasting historical and contemporary references. We remove gender conformity, to empower and give strength to the wearer. This is about transcending beauty and creating a space for everlasting individuality.

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