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Treddenick is passionate about being sustainable within design, manufacturing and waste making sure our products have as little impact to the environment as possible. We want our people to be proud of what they are wearing and confident that their purchase not only looks good, but was created with responsibility at its core. 

Treddenick is commitment to:

-Using dead-stock & natural materials

-Made to order production

-Designing with responsibility






We believe making smaller quantities of quality products that are cared for and well designed will extend a product's life and overall improve the quality of life around us designing  responsible pieces that have longevity and have little impact on the environment.

‘As we move into a greener future we want you to become part of our community and help each other towards a better world that helps protect it for generations to come.’

As a small brand we have built our studio from second hand equipment, continued to donate waste materials to local charities and organisations to be used in art and craft projects and use low impact delivery methods. 

We source and manufacture with local suppliers and factories to produce the best possible product with a low geographical footprint. We believe that localisation and working with the community around us is key to the future of our industry and Treddenick believes each piece is created in collaboration with the community around us.

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